PLAY – fine art photography book


Kunstbok med abstrakte naturfotografier.



The book is a composition. It is composed like a piece of music, visual music. Lars Andreas Dybvik has chosen images and layout to create a dynamic travel from start to end. Just like a composer when creating music. Some sequences are calm, others more dynamic. The book is not following a traditional path, sectioned by seasons of the year or geography. Every image is carefully picked because it creates harmony, or disharmony, with its adjacent photographs. And hopefully creates a greater and more interesting whole, than each image would alone. The project is at the same time partly challenging the traditional nature photography book. By composition, technique, and layout, new landscapes are created. For you to interpret. For you to find the music within.

Art historian Gustav Svihus Borgersen has written the foreword. There he reflects over the differences and similarities between music and picture. Photography unfolds in space, music in time. Theoretically a dead-end. Still there are similarities that can complement and reinforce the two.


The book is available in two editions.

Standard edition
440 ex
96 pages
Format 25×30 landscape

Limited edition SOLD OUT
60 ex
96 pages
Format 25×30 landscape
Numbered and signed
Unique dust jacket
Fine art print 12×12 cm, signed